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What an amazing symposium!
You can still learn from the diverse speakers by signing up for the recordings now.

Full price £90. For student midwives (£35) and concessions (£45) please email for discount code.

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Lifetime access to recordings
& get the most popular talks from 2021 and 2022 (Molly O'Brian & Dr Rachel Reed)

About the talks....

Megan Rossiter's talk - "Amazing and thought provoking, thank you!" Becca Scott

Carmen The Quantum Birth Doula - "Thank you, really thought provoking and great use of visualisation" Kat Jory

Emma Mills, Consultant Midwife - "Stories are so powerful. Thank you for sharing positive stories of the midwife experience." JD

Tessa Venuti Sanderson's talk - "love the video's and other resources to refer to" Rebecca Louis

Philippa Wilmot's talk - "that was full of really valuable information", "very eye opening" Lucy Markes

Mafe Toledo's session - "really wonderful and very powerful as a self care practice" Virgina Walker

Monica Tolofari and Linn Shepherd's talk - "Absolute gold. Mind blown.  The answers i've needed." Clare Hasted

Judy Cameron's talk - "Such a wonderful and thought provoking presentation" Vicky Bryant-Funnell

"Inspired!! Motivated!! Positive!! Thank you so much for organising" Mafê Toledo

"I wanted to say a big thank you for the symposium you organised and ran.  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend and learnt so much.  I appreciate all the effort you went to!" Taneesha, chiropractor

"It was such a valuable space for me to be in to see how people were working so authentically with such passion and while taking care of themselves. It definitely helped me to take the leap into exploring another other way of doing deep work with women. And thinking about it now feels like a lovely reminder that there is no correct or linear path to take. I'm looking forward to the next one!"

Alice Bennison, doula, student midwife

The State of Birth

Join us live and receive life time access to all of the recordings, support material and bonus content.  Each presenter will run an interactive session and you will also receive a free pre-conference content NOW!

This symposium is for you for you if you  :

* midwife/student midwife

* obstetrician

* prenatal yoga, pilates or fitness professional

* postnatal yoga, pilates or fitness professional

* birth educator

* pregnant person

* hypnobirth professional

* doula

* pregnancy body worker


Saturday 18th November

(GMT times - Speaker times may be subject to change)

12.00  Megan Rossiter (Birth Ed) How candid birth knowledge can empower: Owning the birth experience

13.05  Carmen Cardoso Rocha, Doula - Vaginal Birth After Caesarean and Mindset: Healing Deeper Level Beliefs

13.50  Nadia Raafat - Yoga nidra (relaxation)

14.20  Emma Mills, Consultant Midwife - The power and legacy midwives holding space for stories

15.05  Dr Tessa Venuti Sanderson - Embodying biomechanics for birth before labour

15.40  Pam England - Getting to the heart of the birth story: Listening beyond the medical story

16.30  Close 


Sunday 19th November

12.00  Kelly McLaughlin - Optimising neuro-biomechanical wellness in pregnancy: a chiropractic approach

12.50  Mafê Toledo - (Dance) Freedom through movement: Connecting with the mothering body

13.40  Monica Tolofari and Linn Shepherd - Concentrations of synthetic oxytocin and postpartum haemorrhage 

14.25  Judy Cameron - What movement teaches us about birth: An experiential session

15.10  Leila Barker presenting the State of Birth Awards

15.30  Closing Circle

16.30  Close

Check out the Schedules 2023 page for the talk titles

and our charity partners.

Full price £90. Student midwives (£35), concessions (£45) please email for discount code.

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These awards to celebrate the perinatal professionals in your community who have made a difference to you or local parents.  You can nominate yourself or nominate others for as many of the categories as you like (use the same form multiple times in this case).  For the body workers listed, the awards are for ones specialising in perinatal clients.

Nominate the best community



Birth Educator

Pregnancy Yoga teacher

Pregnancy Pilates teacher

Parent and Baby class teacher

Hypnobirthing teacher





Pre and postnatal physio

The more nominations given for an individual, the more information the judges will have to make their decision so please email for the Awards image and nomination link to share with others. Nominations deadline is October 1st midnight 2023.

The awards will be presented by Leila Baker of the DoulaUK podcast.

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